Here I am, Steve (Stefen) Maksymetz, born a sinner Feb. 23. 1942 into a Catholic family and I lived by man’s religion for 38 years. I tried repeatedly to do what was right, but continually failed. I offended God and my fellow man in thought, word and deed, by omission and commission. I deserve eternal hell. Yet God in His infinite mercy extended His love to me while I was yet a sinner, showing me how His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, came to die for my sins, was buried according to the Scriptures and rose again to prove that my sins were forgiven. Scripture says that whosoever believes on the LORD Jesus Christ shall be saved. I believed God that this Scripture is true and faithful and it was counted unto me for righteousness. My sin was imputed to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s righteousness was imputed to me. God did it all. God gets all the glory. Jesus Christ is to be magnified. Amen.

I wish the above be printed on my gravestone.

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